Daylight Boxer 800W

Identity No.: L00800BX
Capacity: 800W
Lamp Bulb Voltage: 9.3A / 95V AC
Protective Lens: Ø175mm (6-7/8 in.)
Lamp Type: HMI 800W SE
Color Temp.: 5600K
Lamp Holder: G22
Stirrup: Ø16mm (5/8 in.) Socket
Class / IP Rating: 1 / IP 20
Max. Surface Temp.: 170 ºC
Max. Ambient Temp.: 45 ºC
Min. Distance to Illuminated Object: 6 m
Min. Distance to Flammable Object: 0.5 m
Operating Range: +45º ~ 0º ~ -45º
Weight (Lamphead): 2.5 kg