Space Light 2000W

Identity No.: 
L02000SP (1 Cables Inlet)
L02002SP (2 Cables Inlet)

Capacity: 2,000W
Voltage: 220V or 110V
Lamp Type: 1000W 230V (P2/20) or 800W 230V (P2/11)
Color Temp.: 3200K
Lamp Holder: R7s
Class / IP Rating: 1 / IP 20
Max. Surface Temp.: 180 ºC
Max. Ambient Temp.: 45 ºC
Min. Distance to Illuminated Object: 2 m
Min. Distance to Flammable Object: 0.5 m
Weight (Lamphead): 5.0 kg
Weight (with Black & Silk Skirt and Target): 9.5 kg